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 DSC 0013 Living Room Mock up Pole 

We manufacture; distribute and deliver poles to studios and for personal use across South Africa.

Our poles are made specifically to your order so you can be sure that you have the perfect fit.

We offer poles from standard heights, up to competition length and can be used for home or studio use.

Sultry Poles are professional dance poles which have safe and secure mountings which do not require any specialized tools or drilling.

Our poles have an option for ceiling and floor permanent mounting, but these are not required for safe poling.

If you need to pack your pole away in between training sessions, they can be assembled and disassembled in minutes.

Our spinning mechanisms promise a perfect; flawless spin every time.

Poles are powder coated with a smooth finish to allow the best possible grip.

42mm Powder Coated
Colour options per order form.

If you prefer another colour option, please let us know. Additional costs may be incurred, but will be advised first.

R4290 ( 300cm and under)
R4500 (301-430cm)

Lead time +- 15 to 20 working days as each pole is custom made to order.

Contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for enquiries.
Reseller pricing available upon request.

PoleSales Website

*All pricing subject to change without notice. Pricing does not include delivery.